Block email-to-text spam messages
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I've looked throughout the community, and found zero solutions, for the issue dating as far back as 2013. In 9 years, Verizon hasn't come up with a solution for blocking text messages (even though anti-spam technology has been around for nearly 25 years).

I can tell you that there is exactly 1 email to text message I'm interested in, so a 'whitelist' solution would work for me - yet, it's not an option. Nor is it an option to block ALL EMAIL TO TEXT messages.

Has anyone any ideas? Sending "screenshots" someplace isn't a fix, it's a "I've been spammed again, here's (yet another) example of this type of harassment.

Does anyone have any solutions, apps suggestions?

Verizon's "call filter" is useless at stopping email-to-text messages (and frankly, not much better really, at stopping spam calls).  It would be so nice if Hilton (in my specific example) would stop selling their customer databases, and if robo-texters could be detected and blocked by Verizon.

I understand that this would take work, but it is after all, part of the service Verizon should be providing.

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