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So for reason this (this just recently started a couple of weeks ago) everytime I sync my bluetooth adapter into my car, my spotify will come on to play music as usual, but out of nowhere the audio quality goes down to me thinking that I'm taking a regular phone call. I can resolve it when I restart my phone and it goes back to normal, but I don't understand why I turn my car on and sync with my bluetooth again that my music or audio quality on my phone goes down to the quality of what you hear on a phone call through your car. I went through two bluetooth adapter and I'm still getting the same result and I don't remember if I changed anything on my phone that was substantial to the audio change.

Phone: Galaxy S10E

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Re: Bluetooth Audio
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Being able to use your Bluetooth in your car with the audio not changing is very important, fuzmaster1. I'd be happy to assist. So we're on the same page, which Bluetooth adapter are you using? When you first noticed the change in volume, had you made any changes to the device such as software update or download of a new application? GregL_VZW