Bluetooth conection problems

I'm trying to figure out why my Bluetooth keeps turning it self off and back on. It's irritating. I'll be listening to music in my car, and my Bluetooth just shuts off, then in a few seconds turns it self back on. This only happens with veriszon. I switched to tmobile never happened. Switched back to Verizon it stars happening all over again. I feel like it's one of the Verizon apps. Please help me...

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Re: Bluetooth conection problems
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nalderman, I have to say that would drive me absolutely insane.  I use my BlueTooth in my car for everything, from calls to listening to music, to having my son's audio over the speakers when he is watching a movie.  I am here to help and we will get this figured out.  Normally with an issue like this, you need to completely delete the connection and reconnect.  That resolves most BlueTooth connection problems.  Can you confirm if this happens to other devices besides your car and if it does what type of devices?