Bluetooth stops working Note 10+
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My 2013 Ford Edge and my Note 10+ paired and worked fine for the first week then only sporadically until not at all. Well, actually, it works great until the call connects then is in privacy mode. In my researching this, I saw a suggestion to switch out of privacy mode thru my car's menu but my car's response was that getting out of privacy mode is unsupported.

I've lost track of all the settings I've checked and changed.

At Ford, they did all those same things. I reset my car's software and installed update. That worked from Sunday until tonight. Now I'm back to being in privacy mode.

Any ideas anyone?


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Re: Bluetooth stops working Note 10+
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BurlinskiBarr, I have a 2013 Ford Focus and I understand exactly what you mean when it says Privacy Mode. It is important to have your car and phone working properly especially with all the laws nowadays. I am here to help and we will get to the bottom of this. Does this happen when you answer and make a call through the Bluetooth? With this I mean when your voice activates to call and then say "Call ...." When the issue started were any changes made to the device (software update, new/updated app, etc.)? Are other devices connected to the car? If so, do they have that problem? SantoC_VZW