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I am fairly new to Verizon and I should have done my homework before leaving AT & T!!!


First I realize that my phone almost never has more than 2 Bars for service, then I  find out that Verizon doesn't have ADVANCED MESSAGING!!!  Now I find that I have to go into the Verizon App to use Caller ID Block and if I want to block it for a specific call instead of it being in the PHONE SETTINGS I have use the old school *67 to block my number and you're not even sure it's actually blocked.  With my previous carrier it was in the phone call settings and you received confirmation that the # was being blocked.  I cannot wait until I am done paying for this phone so I can go back to AT & T.  Verizon is way too behind the times for me!


This time next year I will be back to AT & T!!!  

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We want to make sure you get the help you need, we offer the option to block you caller ID on all your outgoing calls or on a per call basis. You can enable the option to block all your call using your My Verizon online or through the My Verizon app. ~Pam