Call Filter Elgibility
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I have an unlocked Galaxy S10e.  I have been trying to sign up for the free "Call Filter", but I never could get signed up (kept getting error messages).  I looked at my account today and it said "not compatable" for call filter.  When I look at compatable phones for the service, mine is listed.  What's up, It is it because I bought an unlocked phone and they are penalizing me?

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Re: Call Filter Elgibility
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greeman, making sure you are aware of your available options to utilize the Call Filter feature is important. We appreciate the steps you have taken already to try and resolve this concern. Allow us the opportunity to further go over the details. We do want to let you know that all Android bring your own (Non-VZW Branded) devices are not currently compatible with the Call Filter feature. Please follow this link and review number 5 for more details.


We would like the opportunity to further explore your available options. Can you please let us know what interest you about the Call Filter feature? Are you currently experiencing concerns with Spam calls? Please share more details.