Call filter and Note 10+
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Verizon website says this feature is 'not compatitible' with my Note 10+.  Is this feature coming soon to the new phone?  Seems that this should have been ready to go when the phones hit the shelves.  If coming, how long?  Is it working for others who own the Note 10?

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Re: Call filter and Note 10+
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I should have came here first and looked.  I had a 45 minute troubleshooting session, resulting of a ticket put in, ticket closed with no resolution (I had to call again), charged for a month and Verizon saying it was a Samsung problem and Verizon saying it was a Samsung problem.  Glad to know I can quit trying to get it to work.

Re: Call filter and Note 10+
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We truly apologize for this experience, darly. Your time is valuable, so we hope to regain your confidence in our service and support. We are continuously improving the Call Filter app and this feedback will be used to improve.