Calls and texting issue

I noticed before the update that some of my texts were pending for a few minutes after I pressed send. My note 9 is usually connected to wifi and I am within in great cell service area, I do have the current stock SMS app. 

I was able to get the SMS to send by turning off the wifi and just having my data on.  It only happened a few times. Now since the update to the new software. 

When dialing a phone a number it wont connect unless I take my phone off wifi.  My texts are more often then not sitting in the pending status unless I turn off wifi. 


Why is this?

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Re: Calls and texting issue

have you setup wi-fi calling??

using the default messaging app with several droids, over the years, , i've never been able to send messages over wi-fi.

Re: Calls and texting issue
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Your Note 9 should be easy to use and shouldn't give you much trouble. I'm here to help find a viable solution. Please tell me, do the text and call fail after doing a specific function? Do you always have trouble using Wi-Fi? Are there any other features that are giving you trouble?



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