Calls go direct to VM

Live in zip 83815. S6 Edge just took an update on 06/04. Other cell callers don't ring me, goes direct to VM. One to two bars now too.  DND is off as is blocking. Tower out, bad update? Please advise.

Re: Calls go direct to VM
Customer Service Rep

GREORL29, device updates are supposed to enhance your device experience not eliminate them. Allow us the opportunity to further investigate the details of your concern. We appreciate you confirming that the do not disturb and blocking features are all off on your device. We have not heard of any impacts to your device pertaining to the latest software update. Also, I have reviewed your area (83815) and there are currently no reported concerns. Just to clarify, are all of the phone calls that you receive go straight to voicemail? Are you able to make an outgoing phone call successfully? Can you please let us know if your text messages and data capabilities are also impacted? Are others in your area having the same experience?


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