Calls going directly to VM without notifications!

My new S9+ sends certain callers directly to voice mail without ringing or being a notification about a missed call.  My Do Not Disturb is NOT on.  These contacts are NOT blocked.  In fact, they are callers on my priority list of numbers, they are numbers who are Verizon customers and they are lines on my account.  One is my husband's number that will not ring through and it is extremely important that I am able to receive these calls.

I was told to turn off HD calling and Wi-Fi calling off, as a possible fix.  This did not work and I think this defeats the purpose of upgrading the phone for for better calling features if I am not able to use them.

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Verizon Employee

jenlyd, we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing incoming call issues on your new Galaxy S9. We are appreciative of your past troubleshooting efforts and you've come to the right place for assistance. Did you experience these inbound call issues prior to the Galaxy S9? When did this begin? Have you made any recent changes to your phone? Looking forward to hearing back.


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