Calls suddenly dropping!
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My galaxy note 9 is suddenly dropping calls in my home, where I have never had this issue before. Been w verizon 30+ years and in this home for 20, and always have had very solid service here. This is outrageous, though; every call, placed or recieved,  drops 2 or 3 times and also callers often have to call me twice before my phone rings. Extremely frustrating and embarrassing during these months of working from home. Please, please help! Any ideas? Thank you.

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Re: Calls suddenly dropping!
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Hello, Mbd1833. We are concerned to hear of your dropped calls, and we are here to help. What is the city and ZIP Code you are experiencing this in? CourtneyM_VZW

Re: Calls suddenly dropping!
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I'm sorry you are having this problem. But I'm glad I'm not the only one. Talking to my sister ... 3 times I had to call her back.  And my phone had been so SLOW. I wonder if it's the switch to 5G? Help Verizon. I did turn data roaming off and had a complete conversation!