Camera Failed Error - Verizon Let Me down Hard
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over last month or so on galaxy s7 edge, camera failed message. Verizon not much help. Samsung familiar with problem and says it's very likely because of updates. I did the factory reset but no change. What a pain that is! Samsung says it can still be software that isn't affected by a reset. So I took it to the shop they recommended. The shop was going to reinstall factory files(same thing i did? I don't know) but couldn't because my charging port is too loose(aren't they all now when you've been able to take care of a phone well enough for it to last 5+ years?). So that's it. Not looking good for Samsung or Verizon right now. They aren't the only phone service/manufactures out there but they are acting like it in this case. My working phone was apparently torpedoed by a planned obsolescence attack. Or as the Samsung rep on the phone stated before she ghosted me after giving me her direct number in case I needed more help,"Some phones work ok with the updates and some don't" .   Nice.... So now I downloaded the software repair assistant to my PC but it looks like it just wants to do a reset again. Isn't that the same? This is quite frustrating. 

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Re: Camera Failed Error - Verizon Let Me down Hard
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Hello, KEN14445. We want to make sure you get the assistance you need to resolve this issue. We have sent you a Private Note to get started.