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Can I get a new SIM card at an authorized retailer?

My wife's Galaxy Nexus needs a new SIM card.  Can I get one at an authorized retailer, or will I need to visit a corporate store?  Thanks!

Re: Can I get a new SIM card at an authorized retailer?

If there is an absalute need for one! at the Corp. Store they will give you one they will activate the new one an you give them the one that's in her phone unless it doe not have one. C.S. can send one FedEx same terms But as for a Authorized Retailer they might i my self i don't deal with them but you can try but i like to stay with the Corp. Stores.

One thing i wanted to Pass on to Ya as i have others in my Recent Post. If you get the Sim card Via FedEx an put it into your phone your self Be very careful as the instruction point out with the Gold Area of the Card Don't touch it as it is very Sensitive to Static Electricity witch we all carry thru out our Bodies an also the Oils on your Fingers this can Damage the Sim Card. If a Rep installs it for ya make sure they follow the same procedure they might tell you it's all right if it's rubbed by Accident as one Told me but he'll never get the chance to install one in any of my phones. B33

Re: Can I get a new SIM card at an authorized retailer?
Verizon Employee

Hi adt1982,

I checked my resources and I can confirm that only corporate offices are able to provide you with a SIM card replacement (thanks for the info B33), please find a store near you at this LINK.

I trust that you have already obtained a SIM card replacement for your wife's phone. If you still need a SIM card replacement please feel follow me and send me a direct message and I will reach out to you to process your SIM card replacement.


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