Can I get my battery replaced in-store?
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I've had my Galaxy s7 for just over a year now. About a week ago, it went from 7% to 0 instantly. Now without fail, at 28% it drops to 13%, even if I have it plugged in. After that, it drops to about 3, then dies, regardless of whether it's plugged in or not. I know you can buy a new battery and replace it yourself, but I'm not so sure that's something I trust myself to do. So is this something they can do at the store, or will I need to do it myself?

Re: Can I get my battery replaced in-store?
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I understand the importance of having a long-lasting battery life, tannerfw13. Let's get this fixed. What is the battery usage? Here's how to check Were there any changes to the device such as a software update or new applications? Is there any physical/liquid damage? Also, please run a Device Health Check via the My Verizon Mobile application and send us the results. Here's how



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Re: Can I get my battery replaced in-store?

Question not answered. Can I get my battery replaced in a Verizon store?

Re: Can I get my battery replaced in-store?
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