Can not make or receive calls, send text and no internet
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For over a year, I have been having connection problems with my phone.  There are three phones on my account.  One is a Samsung S10, the second is a Samsung S9 and I have a Samsung S10 Note.

I initially notice that whenever I went to my doctor's office in Downey, CA, or my godson’s home in Carson, I had no service, telephone, internet, or text.  My phone would indicate no network service available.  I did not believe it was the phone, at the time I had a Samsung S10 because the other two phones on my account and in the same area worked fine.  In spite of this, I was told I would receive a replacement phone and SIM card.  I continued to have the same problem with the replacement card and phone.

In April 2019, I went on vacation to New Orleans.  Once again my phone was useless.  I could not text, make a call or access the internet.  The other phone on my account operated without any problems.  We left New Orleans and traveled to Mexico, the same issues, my phone didn’t work and the other phone was fine.  I made a couple of calls to tech support, who made adjustments to various settings, none helped.

In November 2019, a Verizon Technician indicated the issues I was having were because I had purchased an unlocked phone directly from Samsung, and the other two phones were purchased directly from Verizon.  Believing this to be the case, a purchased a Verizon Network Samsung S10 Note Plus.  This helped to some degree, for a while.  I could text when I could not make a phone call.  However, the problems got worst and once again the phone was useless.  I could not make or receive a call, send or receive a text message or use the internet. 

I was then informed that the plan I had, “Go Unlimited” was an old and slower plan and I needed to upgrade.  So I upgrade to the “Get More Unlimited 5G”, which was $15 more per month.  The problems continued and I began taking screenshots of the error messages I was receiving and the Verizon technician confirmed the dropped calls.

I was then referred to a secondary tier tech support and a ticket was created.   Today I was advised that Carson, Downey, Westminster, and Rosewood, in California were all minimal coverage areas.  I was told that a technician had physically driven to the addresses provided and the coverage outside was “minimal”.    On one other note, it was noted that there was not a cell phone tower near my home.  I pointed out that I could actually stand in my front yard a see a cell phone tower 0.4 miles away.  I was told it was facing away from my residence and therefore did not provide coverage.


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Re: Can not make or receive calls, send text and no internet
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Tweedy7, we always want to make sure that you can get nothing but the best for your service and we can help work on this with you. Please send us a Private Note for better assistance. JoseL_VZW