Can't Attach Picture From Gallery On Messages App Samsung Galaxy S10

I am using the "Messages" app. When I go to attach a picture, it doesn't initially show any downloaded pictures. I have to click on the "From Gallery" option to see them, which is fine. The issue I'm having is when I do select the picture and it goes into the top of the screen as selected, there is no option to actually attach it. I'm simply stuck in the gallery. If I choose the back bottom, my picture is deselected. Can anyone help with this? I realize I can simply send from the gallery itself, but it's frustrating when I'm typing a message and go to quickly send something and am unable to. 

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Re: Can't Attach Picture From Gallery On Messages App Samsung Galaxy S10
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Sending pictures via text is an excellent way to share something with others, and thank you for that helpful description of what you had gone through as well. When you are in a text message, and click on the icon for a picture (looks like a mountain with a sun above it), do you get a list of pictures at that point? You should see the "From Gallery" option, followed by a selection of other pictures - each one will have a radio button that shows a number if you tap on it, along with an arrow that lets you preview the picture. Once you tap on the picture, it would be sent to your text with a small minus icon in the upper right corner, should you want to remove that pic from your text, along with a notification that says "converting to multimedia message..." Does that match what you see?


If tapping on the "From Gallery" icon instead, and you were to find and tap on the picture(s) you wanted, does it show up at the top of your screen with a minus icon in the top corner of each pic? After selecting what you want, do you see "Done" in the top corner? If so, tapping on that will place it in your text as well. Based on both of my descriptions, did either one match what you are seeing on the phone?