Can’t activate new phone
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So I recently purchased A Verizon s21 ultra through Samsung website.   Got the phone yesterday. The phone wouldn’t activate during the initialization process when I started the phone.  So I chatted with VZ customer service.   They ended up activating my phone on the wrong number. I got back on chat they then switched it to another number on my account but still not the right number.  

I ended up going in person to get my other numbers straightened out.    They called support from in the store bc they couldn’t get the new sim activated on the s21.  They said there was an order error that’s not supposed to be there so they said they would clear it out and it could take up to 24 hours to get out of the system.  They said due to the error they couldn’t activate the new sim.  Now neither the new and old sim work.  I checked the status earlier today and it’s still there no change. Anyone else have something like this happen?     I’m still without service 

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