Can't add carrier billing
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I recently had to get a replacement for my phone due to a malfunction with the mobile data and I didn't know that when I sent it in I wasn't supposed to leave the sim card in it so I had to get a new one. I went to purchase something on Google Play and I wasn't able to use my carrier billing. At first I tried deleting it to re-add it but when I went to add a payment the option to add carrier billing is missing. Nothing has changed from the previous phone. Same number, haven't moved out of state, my phone plan has always been the same allowing me to use purchases through my carrier and I am nowhere near my max limit and I have double checked all the settings that the info on Android has in their FaQ section. I have been searching for three days on how the heck to make the option to add it appear and I can't make it pop up. I have tried removing my micro sd card, I only have the one sim card, I have cleared the cache and force stopped google play a few times and I have restarted my phone multiple times but nothing is working. As far as I can tell from all the suggestions that I have found, it should be showing the option to add it. And yes, I am aware that the option will only be visible through my phone's google play app and not the web browser or my computer. Can anyone help me please? Oh and yes, I pay my mobile bill and am not outstanding on it, never have been. 

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Re: Can't add carrier billing
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It’s important to have options when it comes to paying for purchases you’d like to make on Google, radratt. You’ve taken some great steps to troubleshoot the missing option to bill such purchases to your Verizon Wireless account. We’ve sent a Private Note to you, so we can get this all sorted out.