Can't copy/forward texts since UI update to Note 9
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So I updated my Note 9 last night after checking available updates. All seemed ok until this morning. I cannot copy text or forward text messages using the stock Samsund messaging app. When I long-press the message, a box appears that I assume would contain the menu. It's blank. I've cleared casche/force stopped the app and restarted my phone. Still the same. Also, no moe choice for location accuracy like before ? Battery saving / High accuracy etc..

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Re: Can't copy/forward texts since UI update to Note 9
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We understand how important it is to be able to copy and foward your messages, 6speed8. Have you completed a Factory Data Reset? If not, please ensure your phone is backed up then complte the Factory Data Reset by navigating to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset. If the issue persists upon completion, we would recommend contacting Samsung to further assist with the software.