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Can't get any reception

I recently bought a galaxy nexus and am having issues getting reception at my house.  I know I don't live in the strongest coverage area, but the phone gets no signal at all unless I leave it propped up against the window.  If i even move it a couple inches it will instantly lose service.  I had a moto droid 1 before this phone and it worked fine in my house and would usually have 2 or 3 bars of service and data worked for the most part.  My sister and her friend were over here a week ago and both of their iphones worked fine in the house and my mom's old school lg flip phone works perfectly fine in the house.  I don't understand why my nexus gets absolutley no service.  Even when I drive into town (about 7 miles from my house) the service is still sketchy at best, where everybody else with verizon gets full service (verizon is really the only carrier that works consistently where I live).  I also have a 3g mobile hotspot that works perfectly fine in my house.  I called verizon and tried all the tricks (battery, sim card, switching from lte to cdma) and they can't figure it out.  They're going to send me a new sim card and should be here tomorrow.  I have a strong feeling that isn't going to make a difference, but my fingers are crossed.  I really like this phone and want to keep up, but if I can't even use it to make a phone call or send a text message I'm going to have to switch it with another one.  If anyone has any input on what might be wrong with my phone I'd appreciate it.  Thanks.