Can't make phone calls!
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Calls won't connect. S9 is suddenly not connecting calls. I even have wifi calling enabled because verizon cell service has been virtually non existent in my neighborhood for months. But now, I cant even make a phone call. It will receive calls though. Its been this way all day. Anyone else having problems with their S9? I haven't been able to send most texts for a while, so essentially i have a very small tablet, not a phone.

Re: Can't make phone calls!

if you've been having problems for months, it sounds like you're in a fringe or poor service area.

poor network signal, poor performance.

Re: Can't make phone calls!
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Not being able to make phone calls or send text messages is never ideal, Wkirk00. I am happy to help. Are the issues occurring everywhere you travel or a specific area? If a specific area, what is the zip code for the area you're having the troubles in? Is the issue occurring indoors or outdoors?


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