Can't receive text messages from one person.

I have a new Galaxy S10.  Everything has worked fine for a couple of weeks.  I suddenly stopped getting text messages from a friend who has an iphone.  I have no trouble getting anything from anyone else with an iphone, and I see her messages when in a group text--just not individual.  I have tried deleting her and then readding her...she has done the same.  I have cleared the cache.  Nothing seems to be helping.  Any ideas

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Re: Can't receive text messages from one person.
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che3, we want to congratulate you on upgrading to a new device! Making sure you are able to continue to receive text messages from your friend who has an iPhone is important. Allow us the opportunity to investigate the details of your concern. Can you please let us know which text message application you are utilizing (Pre-installed, VZW Messages, 3rd party)? What happens when she attempts to send you a text message? Are you able to place a phone call and send a text message to this phone number successfully?