Can't receive texts from at least 2 people

This is beyond bizarre.  2 months ago i got an S21 Ultra, everything's been perfect.  This weekend i lost the ability to receive texts from at least 2 people (wife and a co-worker). They can read mine, i don't receive theirs. One is Sprint, one ATT.  I have tested with 5 other people and everything's fine with them.

So i do tech support, jump through all the troubleshooting, get to "tier 2 support" and they tell me that the problem is NOT on my end. He said in the message log there is no history of their texts even getting to the verizon network system. He said if they received it an it was getting rejected for some reason they would see that.  But there's simply nothing. He says it has to be on their end.

So now i guess i have to have both of them call their tech support? I have no reason to doubt this guy's knowledge, but what are the odds that multiple people on different networks suddenly can't text me and the problem is not on my end?

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