Cancel a number that was ported from another carrier (ting) in which I have no access to.

I started the port from Ting side to transfer to verizon. For reasons I still don't know why, the port wasn't working and I couldn't get it to work properly after 3 days and had a verizon rep. simply get me a new number. 

Contacted Ting. They said the port was already complete and that I would need to cancel it on Verizon side to return it to ting to close the ting account. Contacted Verizon port dep. said what ting told me and was told that the port was already complete and the number was active however since I am not using the number it should go as inactive within 30 or so days and be returned to Ting. 

I suppose the main questions I have is... can I speed this process up? How do I get the number canceled/ returned since I cannot even access the number on verizon side? How do I find out when it's going to be returned?

I cannot close the Ting account until the number is returned to ting. The billing cycle for ting is going to restart in around 17 days and if I don't get the number canceled/ un-ported/ returned I'm afraid it will charge me again in which I do not want to happen. 

Any help as to what I can/ should do?

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