Cannot connect to network, connect to network and try again
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Since the 4.3 update, I am getting frequent error messages when trying to make a handsfree call with my Bluetooth while driving down the road.  It tells me it cannot connect to the network....connect to network and try again.  I keep trying and keep getting that irritating message.  So then I have to dig though my seatbelt and under my coat to pull out my phone.  Then I have to look at the phone screen where I can see the phone message about not being able to connect to the network.  I press the microphone icon in the screen and say it again.  THE SAME THING HAPPENS. I try a few more times...same results.  So I close out of this screen, press the green phone icon, press favorites (or contacts), swipe my husbands name and the call goes through just fine.  I have 3 bars of 3G during all of this (but the phone is supposed to be getting 4G...yea right...the only place we get 4G is in town)...SO TELL ME HOW ALL OF THIS IS HANDSFREE!    If a cop was going by during all of this crap, it is a $75 ticket for the first offense, $150 for the second, $300 for the third, and JAIL time after that.  Is Verizon or Samsung going to pay these fines or pay for a lawyer to fight things?  Of course you won't...but we are paying for a working phone service that was working on a pretty reliable basis prior to this update.  Every day you drag your feet to fix these problems, increases the chance of one of these tickets.  How much longer do we have to wait for a fix?  We should all get free service until it is fixed and maybe that would make you guys care. 

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