Cannot enroll for total equipment coverage

I just received my new phone from Verizon last week. When I tried to enroll for TEC. I tried:

1. login to my account

2. go to the list of add-ons page (

3. click "learn more" under TEC, then click the "Get it now" button

4. then it always take me to another list of add-on page ( where I couldn't find TEC, the only protection I can add is Verizon Home Device Protect which I don't need.


Please tell me how do I enroll for total equipment coverage. Thanks.

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Re: Cannot enroll for total equipment coverage
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All coverage offered by Verizon is provided through Asurion, who based on my own personal experience is a nightmare to deal with, and I highly recommend getting a protection plan outside of Verizon.

Personally I've started going with Upsie for all my protection plans and highly recommend them over any offered by Verizon. You can check them out and receive 10% off your first plan at

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