Cell Phone Tower Reception

My Verizon s10 plus had originally received a signal of around -95db while not connected to WiFi. Up until about two weeks ago when it was very windy in my area I believe it was fine but now my phone gets an average signal reception of -117db and I see a more frequent disconnection of youtube videos playing 480p (just using to listen to news) while im driving. 


I asked my friends to check their phones and all but one has receptions in the -90's db while the rest are -110ish. So it is not just my phone but people in my area.


Im assuming this is related to people using their phones more often to SARS-Cov-2?


Is there ways to boost phone signal like the signal boosting stickers that did magic with old school flip phones?

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Re: Cell Phone Tower Reception
Customer Service Rep

knowtom, ensuring your services are working properly is important to us. We can definitely look into your reception issues. While normal behavior when it comes to sharing wireless spectrum certainly wouldn't rule out a slowdown in your connection speeds. Any wireless network with an abundance of customers in the same area at the same time can definitely become bogged down and subsequently slowed down. With too much over consumption, it could even cause the network to crash since wireless spectrum is a shared resource only meant to withstand so much traffic at a time. Subsequently, a person could also experience a slow down in their speeds due to their plan. For example, our unlimited plans impose Network Management limits (Go and Start Unlimited can be slowed down any time network traffics is high, the New Verizon Plan Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited plans provide 22GBs of LTE speeds before speeds can be slowed, Play More 25GBs, Do More 50GBs and Above and Get More Unlimited received 75GBs) and once those limits are met customers data can slowed down as part of their plan. What zip code is this occurring in?Are you on an unlimited plan? If so which one are you on? How much data have you used? When does your billing cycle start over? While a booster can boost signal, it will not supercede Network Management restrictions from ones plan nor normal slowdowns experienced from network congestion.