Changed Plan Without Permission

On 7/22/20 I noticed that an addon called "Global Calling" was still on my bill but I thought I had cancelled it the previous month. No biggie, go to my account online but can't find it, not listed in my addons and in fact not listed anywhere that I can find.

Call support. explain the issue. trouble finding it but eventually does, removes it and gives me back the $15 as he could see I hadn't used it in a few months. Great I said. Thank you for helping me. Anything else I can help with? Now that you mention it, I've been looking at a Samsung Active2 watch, can I purchase and add it to my plan? Of course! Get to the end of the process, everybody happy order pending. Then I get a message telling me they can't process my credit card (same one I use to pay bill) order on hold.

On 7/24/20 I call support, explain things. No problem sir! Since the order wasn't completed let's do another. Everything goes like a dream, watch is on the way. Excellent service, thank you.

Later, I discover he changed my plan and said nothing. Instead of my grandfathered-in unlimited, unthrottled with a hotspot (all for which I paid a pretty penny I might add) I get 4gb of worthlessness! That was a bate and switch, totally dishonest.

I have now spent more than 3 hrs on the phone trying to unwind this cluster. I've been put on hold multiple times while they "contact a supervisor" only to be hung up on. I've been told they've put in a "diamond" ticket and will be called back. Naturally no such call came.

Verizon, you are walking away from a customer who has been with you for more than 10 years, who has bought every phone from you and who has happily paid you $250 per month for what was good service.  Now, it seems none of that has value or meaning to you.

To me, the answer is very simple, give me back my plan and we all carry on as if nothing ever happened. It's the right thing to do.

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Re: Changed Plan Without Permission
Customer Service Rep

We are concerned to hear that you had trouble with your plan being changed without your knowledge. We are happy to assist in any way possible. Were you given a reference number regarding the ticket that was submitted?