Charging Cable

Lost my original charging cable that came with my Samsung Galaxy s8 plus phone.  Please let me know what type to use now.  Is it a USB-C to USB -C cable or is it a USB-C to USB-A cable? Or is it a USB-C to USB 3.0 ?

It's very confusing.  Please help, thank you

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Re: Charging Cable
Customer Service Rep


Making sure you purchase the right device charger is key. We're sorry to learn that your original charger has been misplaced and that the charging port details have been confusing. Let's see how we can clear this up. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ requires a Type C USB Cable. We recommend that you visit a VZW retail store or contact Samsung directly at 800-726-7864

for other specifics. I also use a Samsung device and searched USB Type C to locate compatible chargers. I hope this helps. 

-Rita K.