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Charging Problems

Hello everyone! I am new to this, so work with me...

I've had a Galaxy S Fascinate for over a year and a half now, and before it was sort of.... slow, and laggy. But Since about February. my phone has constantly been giving me problems. Random screenshots, it freezes and I have to pull out the battery, and then the battery jumps from 60 to 15 to 0 in about 2 seconds. But, I really didn't mind that. And recently, it started doing something else. When I put it on the charger at night, it's on about 10% and I fall asleep expecting a full charge when I awaken. But no, with this phone that's not the case. When I wake up it will show a fully charged icon and the battery will be full. But then, when I take it off the charger... It jumps to yellow and says "Battery Low". It was recently jumping from 100 to 70, and I didn't mind to put it back on the charger, but when I wake up with a full schedule, it's hard to cope with a low battery 24/7.. so please, someone help?

Re: Charging Problems
Customer Support

Good afternoon and welcome kibekey!

Let's take care of these issues you're experiencing with your Fascinate. First, what software version do you have? You can check by going to Applications> Settings> About Phone> View Build Number. Additionally, please try clearing memory, (steps are on following link), , then remove battery for about 30 seconds and restart. Once you restart, re-program by dialing *228 [send], option 1.

If problems persist after this troubleshooting, please send me a Private Message, and I will follow up with you.

Thank you,
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