Complaint about poor customer service and unresolved issues
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This will likely get lost in the sea of other complaints, but this is my last resort before I let my issue go to collections. I've called numerous times trying to resolve my problem including today where I was bounced around between different representatives before they finally just disconnected my call because they didn't want to help me. It's a crying shame that they can get away with that kind of customer service and I know I'm not the only one that has had bad experiences. In December 2018 I moved to a new house which happened to be in a zero service area. We even got a booster which made the service sketchy at best so we decided it wasn't worth staying with Verizon. Customer service told us they had a policy in place that if a customer had no service they would waive all early termination fees and charges so we could switch to a provider that did have service at our location. So in late December we switched to AT&T and got our numbers ported and disconnected our service with Verizon. Only we are still getting bills saying that one of the lines is now suspended because it was never terminated and we still owe money. So now I'm stuck with a $485 bill and no one is willing to help me! On February 6 after we got a $285 bill in the mail, we called Verizon again and tried to resolve the issue and we got a ticket number and was told "Yes you are in a no service area we will waive the fees etc." I have the call recorded to prove it. So guess what?! In March now I get another bill! The total is now $485! So I call in today and they said "The fees are all valid and you need to pay the full amount. You are in a excellent service area." What?? Complete contradiction of what I was told previously. So I don't know if they put a tower up since December or what. I'm at a loss. I can't afford to pay what they say I owe. But I know if I just leave it every month they'll tack on more fees and eventually it will go to collections. 

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