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Re: Considering the Samsung Fascinate and Verizon? Well Please do!!
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I agree with the TC that the whining over Bing is ridiculous. I don't think I've *EVER* pressed the search button on my phone, and I don't even have a bing'd phone! When I want to search, I open the web browser and go to google, same as on my computer *shrug*...

Regarding 2.2, however... *points at sig*... Adobe Flash, App2SD, Bluetooth Voice Dialing, and most importantly, the new Java Compiler are major, major features that honestly, every single competing android phone has had for over half a year now. Add in the fact that the Galaxy S phones run on the RFS filesystem, which is what causes that random stutter you get sometimes when doing simple things like scrolling webpages or playing music... The fact that we're stuck with such outdated and/or flawed software unless we hack our phones is downright OFFENSIVE. Samsung treats it's customers like second-class citizens and even though their hardware is seriously topnotch (best screen of any android phone, bar none, best graphics chipset of any phone at launch, mine has a fantastic keyboard, great cameras... etc), I will never buy another samsung phone because of their software support.
Re: Considering the Samsung Fascinate and Verizon? Well Please do!!

Jazi Joi... I know just what you mean.  This phone is great.  If the update makes it any better which I hear it will, how cool will that be too.  Thanks for chiming in.  I just want to bring this back to the forefront on the forum because well quite frankly I wasn't done wanting to here what people like about this phone.  Now I am sick to death of all the whiners who keep flooding the forum board with poor pitiful me whining.  I'm up to my tool bar in ridiculous threads about Froyo and oh that dumb 20 year old kid lied to me at the store.  Tired of the lack of personal accountability for the fact that so many people it seems purchased a phone for a feature it didn't have and have somehow created this thread to "put it in writing" well after the date of purchase that they were lied to. SO.................................. back to the topic.


My camera rocks! My web browsing is fast.  Oh and guess what .... I got flash because I can download it from my cool market place!  Oh yeah!  It's easy to set up.  Fun to learn on.  The screen is big, vivid and sensitive enough to perform well with every touch.  My GPS is spot on.  Blue tooth is easy to set up and very responsive.  My processor kicks your processors you know what (for right now of course).  My phone is highly customizable as compared to other overrated smartphones.  My phone storage is just right. Speakers are great.  Battery life is very comparable to other smart phones.  My notifications tab is very handy.  The functionality of the phone is great.  My calls are crystal clear. 


My service is great.  With my previous provider I was guaranteed dropped calls or lack of availability in certain areas but hey, if I traveled outside the USA it worked great, but let me this economy, I'm not hoping from country to country so whatever.  My plan and rates are suited for me based on my activity history which was reviewed and worked out with me by a responsive sales representative.  My customer service calls have been handled as they should.  No real complaint.  I do not feel like any of these providers really beat each other on the customer service side of things. Hate to say it but I think all of them are super great for the newbies they entice but lack a little luster for those already loyal.  My husband last provider, was laughable.  Couldn't take calls inside our house and we live in a huge urban area where all other providers can work if the phone is behind a brick wall.  Heck some providers really only work in heavy populated areas.  That's right. Don't travel to the woods.  Don't venture too far away from that city.  You know where you frickin phone service would REALLY COME IN HANDY should you get lost because that tree looks just like every other one.  LOL 


All I am saying is the grass is not always greener on the other side but for this device and this provider I think they have plenty of great qualities and just enough faults to let you know they are not perfect. 


For any of those who simply want to whine about your updates, please take it to the appropriate forum.  This thread is for those who would like to tell why this device and provider is a good choice for them.   Oh and did I mention the camera?  Great pics. Lots of great features with the camera.  Not that it replaces my camera but it's convenient and works great.

Re: Considering the Samsung Fascinate and Verizon? Well Please do!!

Lady Bell,


Which flash player did you download.  I may not need it because I love the phone the way it works now and I have totally no clue what all the hoopla is over a flash player.  lol... :smileyvery-happy:  But your post made me question what its for and why would I need it and if I do which one to get.