Contacts App Requiring Log In
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I am trying to help my elderly mom with her samsung galaxy s7. For some reason her Contacts app is requiring her to log in! This is something I have never seen in all my years of being an Android Galaxy user! I did a quick google search but didn't find any helpful information. So I thought I would look here. Note: I tried logging in, but then we were having issues with her password. Frustrated, that this was even happening, I left to find an answer as to WHY!?!? (Worse case scenario we'll reset her gmail password, I just don't want to do that due to all the other ramifications!) Again, in all my years of using a Samsung Galaxy I have never had to log in to the Contacts app. Good advice is much appreciated! (technology is tough for the elderly...and for those helping them!! 🙂

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Re: Contacts App Requiring Log In

the default app or 3rd party? i've never had to login to the default contas app.

Re: Contacts App Requiring Log In
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kimbaioda, this is odd indeed that the contacts application is requiring a user name and password. This isn't a Verizon Wireless requirement. I would be frustrated as well if I was unaware of why my phone was acting a certain way. Is the contacts application the one that was preinstalled on the phone or is it a third party application?