Cracked screen on my Samsung Galaxy s10

I have the Samsung Galaxy S10. Where can I get my cracked screen fixed? Does that include the back of the phone since it's made of glass?

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Re: Cracked screen on my Samsung Galaxy s10
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Samsung normally will refer you to  - - I believe they can fix just about anything.   The broken back of your phone is not considered to be a "screen replacement"... I'm pretty sure that's more expensive, but check w/ ubreakifix.

I once broke the back of my galaxy s8+ and had to use my full deductible for a replacement phone w/ Asurion;  that was like $200 or so...  It's amazing that if you don't have a case on your phone and drop it, you can be out a lot of $$$;  even if you do have a great screen protector on the front, because as you say the back is glass too. - - Good luck!

Re: Cracked screen on my Samsung Galaxy s10
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Hello! Thank you for contacting us for support! if you have our Total Mobile Protection I would recommend taking a look at our website here: You'll see in the middle option "Unlimited Screen Repair", take a look there. - NicholasS_VZW