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I've been a Verizon customer for over 12 years. Although I've had problems, I was always able to resolve them to my satisfaction by calling customer service. Now I have a service problem and I cannot get a human on the phone to even talk to me about it. I'm encouraged to use a "digital assistant" which wants to charge me $1.00 before talking to anyone. This service degradation is going to end a long relationship if I don't get help.

I have a Galaxy S5. It is plagued more and more with robocalls. But lately there is an escalation which, a new level of harassment. When I am on a phone call, a robocall will come in and interrupt the call either by interrupting with loud noises or cutting off the call completely. The new call blocking features from Verizon do not work on the S5. We will not accept that as a condition of fixing this problem, that we buy a new phone. For all I know Verizon is responsible for the robo calls to get me to give up and buy a new phone. If I buy a new phone it will not be from Verizon! Callers should not have the ability to cut off calls.

And, I should be able to talk with a human being at Verizon Customer "Service."

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Customer service is still at the top of our priorities for you, gedette1. Here on this platform, we are all humans (no bots). It is very strange to hear that you would be asked to pay anything to speak with us. Sure, there are agent assist fees for making payment arrangements, but no fees to discuss things such as calling issues with us. We are all plagued by robo calls, so we all understand how imperative it is that we combat them with all we can. When would you say the escalation began (when the callers seemed to find a way to interrupt your calls)? Around that time, do you recall downloading any new apps or using any new online services (LinkedIn, etc.)?



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Myself and others have reported robocalls to Verizon but they do nothing about it at that time which hopefully will change with the traced act which Verizon been told already about by the fcc

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I've never heard of Verizon charging to speak to CS before. I don't support that, but I do support them charging rude customers and those who won't let agents do their job ie. the one's who keep talking about non related things to the call.

As for robocalls being a Verizon plot for buying new phones, take the tin foil hat off. Carrier's don't make money off phones, they make it off service. Robocalls also affects everyone regardless of carrier. You can either try a 3rd party app that still works on an outdated version of Android or change your number.

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Clearly the customer service has been getting worse for years. The bots are useless. Verizon and VZW need knowledgeable HUMANS not bad AI and BOTS. Been on VZW through it predecessors BAMS, for 31 years. Its gotten way too big and should be made to spin off its units. AOL and Yahoo is owned by Verizon they are a mess and dragging Verizon resources down, bad move by management.

No happy.