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It's been a l o n g few weeks and I'll try to keep this short.   I have a small crack on my screen,  contacted Verizon who told me to make appt at store.  My store is closed, made appt at another only to be told I had to call the 800#.  They could not help me.  Also contacted Zaag - invisible shield - don't waste your money.  The screen protectors I've bought in the past at Amazon worked better).  I am still waiting on my new shield (it's been weeks).  I also contacted Asurion who informed me that I had no insurance.  WRONG.  I have spent 27 HOURS (proof of screenshots and timeline) on the phone with Verizon and Asurion.  I have spoken with rep's, supervisors, etc.  Customer service is non-existent.   

FINALLY, after weeks and too many phone calls and hours spent, Verizon told me they were replacing the phone.  Apologizing for my trouble, etc.  I received a RE-FURBISHED phone yesterday.   I bought a new Note10 and still paying for it, I expect to have a NEW replacement.  Why do we have insurance?  They also made me an appt at my local store for 11am today to switch everything over and get a new screen protector.   I thought this saga was finally over.  Wrong.

I was on my way to appointment when I received a phone call from the local Verizon store.  They had NO IDEA why I was coming in.  When I explained (yet again) I was informed that they could not transfer my phone nor were they going to replace my screen protector.  "We cannot do that, I don't know who told you that..."  I informed them that VERIZON made appt and assured me that this would be handled today.  "No, you spoke to a rep, not VERIZON"  Really?????  Who have I been talking to when I call Verizon?  Who is calling me from VERIZON?  

Again, I have spent 27 hours in the past few weeks dealing with an issue that is a SIMPLE fix.  I have been a customer since 1996.  I have never had a claim, pay my bill on time.  This is customer service??  

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There seems to be no concern from Verizon and their policies about leaving loyal customers with no workarounds in regards when they issues with their phones that are on warranty. Their business model is to outsource their liability to customer to a 3rd party and have the customer run around in circles to get service in which they promised.

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Verizon doesn't repair phones. If this crack was on the screen itself and not a screen protector, you'd be dealing with Asurion or a repair shop, not a Verizon store. Asurion doesn't go off screenshots, they go off of if you have active insurance on the line you're making a claim on or not.

Your title says customer service is non existant yet they did a replacement at a loss. If other customers were to get a warranty replacement with physical damage, they'd be charged $299 for the damaged device fee. 

Appointment at the store does seem suspect. The reason you were told in store they don't do that is liability. If they installed the screen wrong, you'd be upset. If they erased or looked at sensitive info or pics from your phone, you'd be upset. These are things you really should be doing on your own anyway.

Yes, you being given a 1k phone and not being charged a damaged device fee is customer service. During that ordeal, you could have went to a repair shop to still have the original phone. You could have checked your My Verizon account to make sure you have Wireless Phone Protection, Total Equipment Coverage, Total Mobile Protection or Verizon protect. Even then, Asurion doesn't guarantee a $29 screen repair job if your screen is not available.

Screen damage is not the carrier's responsibility with any carrier. Insurance doesn't always promise a repair job and could have easily been a $199 deductible for a full replacement. Being a customer since 1996 doesn't make repair shops not be an option or not reaching out to Samsung. You're upset with Verizon when they weren't obligated to replace your phone.

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Tigerstep, I did everything you suggested and more.   Verizon installed the Invisible Shield IN STORE when purchased.  They guaranteed against bubbling etc.    I have been going to this store for over 10 years.  I have a relationship with them.  They are now closed. 

NON-EXISTENT is correct.  I'm not sure you realize how many days I've been dealing with this on phone for HOURS.  Verizon saying I have insurance, Asurion saying I don't (Verizon admitted that it was on their end so went back and predated).  Still wouldn't accept because I had already put claim in (pre-existing now).  

They replaced my phone with a REFURBISHED after two plus weeks of spending HOURS on the phone.  I paid 1300+ for a new phone that is only a few months old.  If I wanted a refurbished phone, I would have bought one.  

As far as the store, they have transferred my contacts/pics/media every year for the past 24 years.  They can't now??  I have nothing to hide on my phone 🙂   "these are things you should be doing on your own anyway??  Really??  I guess you missed that VERIZON set this appointment up for me.  They told me to go to store and they would take care of all.  FYI - when I spoke to store rep and they informed me they couldn't help and would forward me instructions of how to do this.  Confirmed my email 2x.  I'm still waiting and no email....not customer service in my opinion.   

I did go through all the right channels.  How do you know I am not being charged damage fee?  Well maybe I need to contact them yet again to have that waived??  Do you think I didn't check my account and insurance?  

"Your upset with Verizon".  Well yes, I suppose I am.  I've been unable to handle my business due to being on phone DAILY with verizon/asurion.  Told numerous times by supervisors (again, I have names, times, etc.) and then no action.   I would ask again....why do we pay for insurance if I have to take my phone elsewhere??  I did not want a new phone.  I asked for screen to be replaced.  

I don't know what business you are in.  If I  treated my customers that have been with me for over 20+ this way, I would not be in business.  Yes, I'm old school.  Customer service is a BIG DEAL to me.  

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Debbie8808, we want to make sure that you have nothing but stellar service with Verizon Wireless. I'm sorry for all the run around that you've had to do to get the device replaced. You can always find the steps on how to transfer your content to your replacement phone by following this link KevinR_VZW