Data Overages

Within the past 6 months my plan has gone over 10GB 3 times and was charged overages of $15/GB.

On average we use 2GB a month with highest of 5GB while camping during summer months with no Wi-Fi available. I was able to break down a month where we went over and found that data of almost .5 GB/day was being used by a phone @ 5am when no one was on it. 

Verizon's response was "it was a backdoor app that uses data even when you are in Wi-Fi mode."

The kicker to this theory is that i traced out each day of the month and it started as .003 GB at the beginning of the month and by the last day of the month was up to .48 GB each day.  Total for the month I had traced was 4GB of data charged to a phone when no one was using it. 

My theory is Verizon is doing this intentionally so that people will switch to unlimited plans and pay higher rates. I recently spoke with an agent that told me i could upgrade under loyalty discount and my bill would only go up $1/month. I just got my new estimate and it has gone up $80/ month. Fortunately, I was able to have it switched back to my 10 GB plan this morning. 

Has anyone else have had similar problems? 

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Re: Data Overages
Customer Service Rep

Hi Plassiter,

We're concerned to hear of the trouble you have had with your data and want to make sure you're set up for success. Data is measured by what the phone reports. There are many factors that can impact your reporting such as background app refresh, hotspot, new applications or an unsuccessful connection with Wi-Fi. When higher data is reported we we suggest an unlimited plan as in almost all cases this is a less expensive option than even 1 GB of overage. If your usage varies we also offer a great free feature called Safe Mode which prevents overage charges while allowing you to still use your data at a reduced rate. When you were observing your data usage was this on one line or all lines on the account? What is the make and model of the device(s) impacted?