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I’m looking at International plans for coverage while on vacation. One plan option has .5gb and the next up has 2gb.....any idea how much each will get me in usage. With the smaller will I be able to post pictures on Facebook.

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We want to make sure you enjoy your trip and have the coverage you need. I enjoy sharing my travels as well. Let's find the option to allow you to have the services you need. Check out our International Trip Planner to find the right coverage for your needs. Please make sure you sign in to your account to get custom details for your device and your current plan. It will provide you the best option for your budget to be able to use your phone while traveling. Also, please be advised that most countries may limit you to 0.5GBs per day while traveling, on features like TravelPass, but you may have the option to purchase more data for an additional fee. Posting pictures or uploading to any social media can use a decent amount of data and you may want to upload most of your media while connected to WIFI.