Defective device
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NOT SURPRISED CONSIDERING HOW THEY TREAT CUSTOMERS AFTER SELLING THEM A DEFECTIVE DEVICE AND VIOLATING THE CONSUMER RIGHTS ACT OF 2015 AND CELL PHONE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT OF 2000. And before anyone wastes time (because God forbid it be Verizon's time, if it's the customer than it's totally fine) I have tried safe mode, airplane mode on and off, retarting phone, deleting and re-adding contact, uninstall and reinstall app, cleared cache and verified my default message app to be correct. I have goten so frustrated at the lack of care and I don't have time to sit around for hours trying to decipher what is being said through the incredible thick Hindu accents and being denied my right to speak with management and being bounce back and forth between customer service and tech department. Both of which have never fixed the issue, nor has it ever had an original troubleshooting idea