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Defective handset?

I got my Nexus last month, and I absolutely love it (except for the battery). I found one weird annoying problem though that's been constant. If I switch it from 3G to 4G, within a minute, I lost all data signal. The bars are grayed out and there's an X over them. It comes back 30 seconds or so after that, but then it will happen almost every 5 minutes on the dot. This doesn't happen at all when the radio is switched to 3G. Very obnoxious! I've attached a screenshot of what it looks like. I tried everything I could to fix it; I factory reset the device (twice), I checked for all updates, I tried dialing in the program number to update my towers, everything.

I took the phone into Verizon, where the lady checked it out for me. She first witnessed the problem, then tried swapping out the SIM card in case it was bad. After that, it was still happening, and she said they didn't have a Nexus in stock to give me, so to come back another time or to call technical services, and she put notes in my file regarding the event.

The issue I have with this problem is I just spent $250 on this phone a month ago. I do not want to receive a refurbished phone, no matter how much testing it has gone through. I had a Droid X2 previously, and I went through five (5!) refurbished phones, and every single one had a hardware defect. I think being a loyal customer and a recent purchaser would earn you enough brownie points to swap out for a new one that isn't broken! Who can I talk to about making this happen? Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: Defective handset?
Customer Support

I definitely want you to get the most out of your Galaxy Nexus greycobalt! I would like to ask a few questions to help determine the best resolution.

Where are you experiencing these difficulties? Is it indoors or outside? Is it one specific location or is it happening in multiple areas?

I recommend removing the battery and SIM card and temporarily activating airplane mode. If the performance continues, I recommend running the device in safe mode for a full day to rule out third party app conflict.

Please be assured if it is determined that a replacement is needed, the certified like new devices are of the highest quality. They are subject to a rigorous 100 point inspection from the manufacturer.

I trust this information was helpful.


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