Delivery failure--fee?

So I ordered a phone from Verizon, but they are requiring a signature.  UPS seems to only deliver on week days and during business hours, and I have a job.  I was not aware of this.  Verizon is refusing to change the shipment address, and UPS says only Verizon can change the shipping address.  So my new phone is going to get returned to Verizon because of this.  So much for the deal I thought I had!  Verizon says that I will have to pay a $50 restocking fee if the phone is returned--but I am not returning the phone, they are refusing to deliver the phone.  So will I have to pay this fee?

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We're sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble with your order. Signatures are required by UPS to ensure that you receive your order safely and securly, and would be communicated to you through your tracking details and on your order confirmation when you place the order itself. As for changing the shipping address, who are you contacting that is refusing to do so? We can put in a request to change the delivery address in most cases, but not all orders are eligible for that, such as if it's a preorder device. As for restocking fees, those are only charged for open packages. If you never received the order because UPS couldn't deliver it, then where are you seeing you'll be charged $50 for something you never had?