Device locked at network by Verizon
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Hi, I have ported out of Verizon due to no coverage, and port out team assured me the device was unlocked bypassing the device lock process (due to reason of non coverage).

However, after port out to another carrier my device is still locked.

On contacting Verizon customer support (for hours on calls several times) I am being told the device IMEI doesn't show on Verizon network!

My brand new phone, purchased all cash at Verizon store is in no man's land and unusable!

Very frustrating, Please help!!!!

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Re: Device locked at network by Verizon
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anubhak, sorry that you're having issues with that device. While you're not with us any longer we still want to be able to assist you. I've sent you a Private Note so we can get more information.