Display brightness ptoblem after sofware update 13

After sofware update 13 was automatically installed on my Galaxy S10+ the display brightness is wonky.  The display will dim while using it in a steady light, the brightness slide turns the screen black when just to the left of center.  On full brightness, I cannot read the screen in bright ambient light. It does not make any difference if the auto brightness is toggled on or off.  Help, please.

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Re: Display brightness ptoblem after sofware update 13
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Help is here for you, Beachartist. I rely on my phone to function well at all times and want to ensure you can reply on your phone to work well. Let's dig into this. Have you noticed if you are using a certain app or are on a certain screen when this happens? Aside from the new update, have you updated all apps on the device? Has there any been damage to the phone?