Do Not Disturb for calendar events?
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The trial period for a third-party app I am using to mute my phone automatically during calendar events marked "busy" has ended, so I was exploring options.

Various sources reported that the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature in Oreo should permit an "app rule" that would automatically activate DND during calendar events marked busy, eliminating the need to manually activate/deactivate DND. However, when I access the app rules section of DND settings on my Galaxy s9, there is no apparent way to actually add a special app rule.

Various articles warn that some vendors and service providers may block particular Android features.

So ... does anyone one if Verizon and/or Samsung altered this feature?
Or does Oreo actually have the ability to set DND to turn on/off automatically when a calendar event marked busy is occurring?

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The feature you're referring to is available and works as intended, but as noted it's not available on Samsungs.  I think it's 'a Samsung thing'.