Do they mess over everyone on their trade-ins?

I am trying to find out why a phone that was returned in MINT working condition was assessed as having a cracked and non-responsive screen by VERIZON's warehouse. I upgraded my phone based on VERIZON's promise that my Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB phone in good working order would be worth $559.99 at trade-in. Out of curiosity, and since I hadn't received any communication from Verizon, I looked at my account online and learned that on April 11 VERIZON had "evaluated the condition of [my] device and found it to be different than indicated and adjusted the value from $559.99 to $5.00." When I called customer service on June 14, I was advised that the warehouse said my screen was cracked and non-responsive. That was not the condition of the phone when I returned it via UPS using the box and label VERIZON provided.  The phone had been kept in a secure Otter Box case the entire time I owned it with a top-of-the-line Dome Glass screen protector.  The screen protector was removed prior to returning the phone, and there wasn't a scratch on it.  I cleaned the phone and placed it securely in the box VERIZON provided and taped it securely.  It was returned using the UPS label VERIZON provided.  The phone was in perfect working order when I returned it and had I know that VERIZON was not going to honor it's trade-in promise I would have never have bothered with an upgrade.  When I called VERIZON's customer service line on June 14, I was told that the warehouse had photos of the phone (which I have not seen) and that I could file a claim with UPS if the phone was damaged in transit.  (I don't know if it was damaged in transit, it could have been dropped by someone at VERIZON's warehouse, but I have no way of knowing what happened after the device was securely boxed and returned to you.)  Moreover, I don't know how I can assert a claim with UPS as they are VERIZON's agent in this matter, not mine.  VERIZON provided the shipping label and contracted with UPS for delivery, not me.  It is VERIZON'S claim to make against UPS if the phone was somehow damaged in transit, not mine.  I am not in privity with UPS, VERIZON is.  I asked that the phone be returned to me and was told that was not possible and that the VERIZON customer service agent "had" to make a claim with UPS.  After she did that, she advised me that VERIZON still had the phone and had the original packaging so that it could sent to UPS and inspected for the dispute she had just filed.  So VERIZON still haS the phone and I have not seen a thing.  If it is necessary for people to document the condition of their trade-ins to avoid this kind of issue, VERIZON should advise people accordingly.  I would like to be contacted about this issue so that I can file a more formal complaint and/or seek arbitration under the terms of my contract.  Thank you.

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