Does Verizon provide Data recovery software after factory reset?

My Samsung S5 phone crashed after an unrequested system update started and was applied. Going through Verizon tech support they eventually recommended doing a factory reset, afterwards I realized not all my data was restored.  I found that there are a number of android recovery software applications available that can recover data after a factory reset, but they cost. 

Does Verizon provide android recovery software?  My phone was working fine before this system update self applied and took out my phone.

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Re: Does Verizon provide Data recovery software after factory reset?
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As a consumer, I sincerely understand your predicament, RJ1850. Lamentably, we do not have any software options to restore data after a factory reset. We only have the steps to do a factory reset as per this link (


Our resources indicate that only data that was previously backed up to the Verizon Cloud ( or any other Cloud service of your choice can be restored to your phone after a factory reset. If any data is missing, then that data was not previously backed up to the Cloud service from which you restored data to your phone. Was I able to answer your question fully?