Does my existing plan cover St. Thomas?
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I am traveling on vacation with family to St. Thomas for a week at end of the Month.  We have a total of 4 phones (S9+, S7, i6, i8) for each of us.  St. Thomas is US virigin islands so I am not sure if we are covered under current plan.


Can we still talk, text, and use data under our existing plan?  Or do we have to add international plan for the week?

Please help.  Thanks.

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Re: Does my existing plan cover St. Thomas?
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From my understanding you do not need to add an Internationl Plan before you travel to St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. as it is considered like being in the US. I am from St. Thomas and traveled home quite frequently thru out the year and have not incured any additioal charges when I use my phone. In fact, my mother visited Atlanta, GA last year and used her phone and also did not inccur any additional costs.

But to be on the safe side (so you do not end up getting "bill shock") check with VZW customer service.