Drafts won't delete

I will often type a message that I don't send right away and it saves as a draft. Later I will attempt to delete the draft and send a photo with no message instead. Even though I've deleted the message before I send the photo.. the message reappears and sends itself anyway with the photo. Since the photo and message are usually unrelated it's extremely frustrating and embarrassing. Is there a way to more easily and obviously delete drafts so I know they're gone?

I feel in 2021 there should be a very simple and very obvious way to accomplish this. 

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Re: Drafts won't delete
Customer Service Rep

Erickofthenorth, thank you for reaching out to us. Making sure your "Drafted Message" has been properly deleted is important. Let's review the details. What is the Make/Model of your device? Also, whichtext message application are you using?    -Sylvia