Dropped Calls, Boulder Colorado

I live outside of Boulder, Colorado but inside Boulder County (Niwot).  While in (and standing outside) my home I receive spotty service.  Dropped calls, unable to make a call and calls going directly to VM are common.  This is also the case while driving out of my subdivision on the main street (Longview and Niwot Road). A particular area of that Longview will drop a call 100% of the time.  My company is in North Boulder and the coverage there is also spotty.

Samsung Note 3, Yes, I have taken the suggestion and powered the phone down, removed and reinserted the Sim card, powered up, - NO help.

My wife's iPhone 5 has the same issues in the same places.  Her phone is only 3 months old.

We left Sprint to get better service and so far, we have the same coverage as we did on Sprint.  Not good.

As a side note.  I am test driving a phone from t-Mobile and have no services issues in my home or on Longview/Niwot Road.  In fact, so far, I have yet to find a spot where a calls are dropped or the LTE service is limited.

We have 6 phones (remaining) on Sprint and most are out of contract.  I am hoping Verizon can get this coverage fixed soon so that I can keep life simple and go to one carrier.