Dropped Calls

About 3 months ago my husbands Galaxy J3 Eclipse phone started dropping calls and he could only make calls from one end of the house (previously it worked everywhere),  we took the phone in as we had insurance and figured something had broken.  They replaced the phone with the same phone (which has the android software version 8.1.0).  The new phone does the same thing.  My phone is a moto g6 play (android version 9) and is doing the same thing.  We went into the local Verizon store and the guy said Verizon has been updating the towers preparing for 5G and that is affecting our phones as our phones have old software versions.  Does this make since as the phones do still work if we are not in the house?  Also why would the insurance replace his phone with an outdated software version?  About ready to switch to a different service!!


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Re: Dropped Calls
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We understand that this is frustrating for you. It may not be software related, but the age of the phone can be the issue. Older phones have a weaker antenna and slower hardware. This can cause dropped calls and the reason the phone can not be updated. With other factors, like congestion and traffic on our network, this can cause you to see areas where you had a signal to be weaker now. Have you thought about upgrading your phones?